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A Glance at Rape Culture

Such violence is symptomatic

Of the society which breeds it

Verging on misogynistic

Man may do what he sees fit

But as a woman, it is fixity

She clips her winged ambition

Her duty is to soon marry

Independence spurs admonition

Relieve this pressure, and others remain

Establishing men as superior

Any virago is told to restrain

Her opinions and prize her exterior

But in this system of nymphs and satyrs

The women aren’t supposed to escape

Rollicking the chase, she must give in later

To the man who fancies her shape

This residuum of an ancient arrangement

provides the threshold for abuse

The victim is subject to estrangement

Society’s animus is let loose

Because it’s her fault, claim a multiplicity of voices

It was his inherent right for some reason

Serpentine logic questions her choices

While his vulgar actions can some like the seasons

It was her fault for the way that she looked

His terrestrial urges unbridled, for sure

She should have been flattered that he was hooked

But she should have been more demure

Her eyes, once opalized, now deaden

With the vituperation she is subject to

The shame and guilt make her heart leaden

She is forced into silence, and that day she will rue

The disfigurement imposed anatomically

Will go unchallenged, and he can continue

Because she felt the need to live laconically

She can still feel his encroachment on her tissue

She is now ruined, from society’s standpoint

For the deed she did not want to submit to

But the torrent of voices and values appoint

The girl as the one who blame falls to.

Pardon my pride in posting this poem, pretty please.  It was a creative writing assignment for my English class based on a book called Tess of the D’Urbervilles (written in the 1800s), which brings to light the fact that rape culture has been prevalent long before modern day society.  It’s time to continue making a change! It won’t happen quickly, certainly, but we can make a difference in how our society perceives [gender, race, sexuality, sexual orientation].

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